self steering deviceVoyager Self Steering Vanes have been steering yachts on blue-water voyages across all the world's oceans since 1998. A development of the brilliant pendulum servo systems created by the pioneers of deep sea sailing, Voyagers are strong, efficient, and reliable shipmates. Voyager's have proven themselves responsive in light air on all points of sail, and equally effective when steering through high winds and heavy seas. Voyager Vanes can be easily adapted in order to have them steer by means of light electronic autopilots so that your yacht will self steer when motoring (in dead calms for example).

All components are made of precision machined high grade hard anodized aluminium tenzalloy 713. Great care is taken to eliminate dissimilar metals; the only stainless steel in a Voyager are the fastenings, which are in every case carefully isolated to ensure long service in salt water environments.components

Strong and light (25kg), Voyager Self Steering units are easily ownerinstalled, in most cases in only 2-4 hours from start, to testing under sail. To request your quote for a Voyager vane, simply let us know what type and model of yacht you sail – we've probably fitted a Voyager to one of her sisters. If we need specific information, we will respond with questions.

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